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We sometimes even listen to it more than current music. People sometimes cling on to certain memories and that might be how I feel about "High School Musical" or even throwback songs but people tend to look at other parts of their life based on music or movies. I remember when I heard "All the Small Things" and while I was not the biggest Blink fan as a child I enjoy their music and will find time to listen to it. This leads to the question of how is 23 linked to Blink ?

Find the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born

It's a funny story: one of their most famous songs talks about growing up while having a child's mentality and even mentions age throughout the song. There are instances where the person being portrayed is watching tv instead of paying attention to his girlfriend, performing a prank phone call, and even asking about ADD. The song details the events some people might have done as a kid and brings back the memories of adults when they were younger.

One of the most famous lines in the song is, "Nobody likes you when you're This line from this song would go on to become a well-known phrase especially for the love of throwback music. While this song has been out for more than a decade it appears that people are using this phrase as their caption or description for their birthday. Many people who are in their twenties grew up with Blink and while they are still performing and touring this is one way to remember the impact they had on us while we grew up. We all went through a pop-rock phase and getting to chant this line allows being nostalgic.

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Perhaps that's the reason we hold on to certain songs and memories. We can all chuckle about when someone is about to turn a certain age and there is a joke behind it. Find out what was top of the UK charts in in the list below.

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We'll find and frame an original copy of the vinyl record or sheet music, with your own personal message printed and mounted beneath. It's the perfect birthday gift idea for music lovers. Number One songs in Order a framed Birthday Number One record.

Previous year. See Number One songs for a different year.

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